Sabine Glenz
Phasen. Machen (Phases Making)

Tanz / Theater

Choreographic research in collaboration with the percussionists of the Munich Philharmonic to music by Steve Reich

Steve Reich’s compositional technique, so-called “phasing,” is both the musical point of departure and the choreographic task. The pure motion of the bodies and the concentration on the sound of the instruments occupies the center of this work: an unadulterated dialogue between music and dance, undertaken by three dancers and four musicians.

The principle of shifting the tempo of a basic choreographic motif alters the volume and the radius of the performed movements. Precise sequences gradually condense into complex bodily entanglements. The bodies temporarily form sculptural intermeshed images, which imperceptibly dissolve again.
Dance and music, in seemingly separate components, interact or are uncoupled.
This work aims to pursue questions about our understanding of dance or to stimulate a widened perception from today’s perspective of the relationship between dance and music. The spectator’s proximity to the musicians, dancers and musical instruments enables them to experience the throbbing nature of the performance with the utmost immediacy and directness.

Artistic director and choreographer: Sabine Glenz
Dancers: Gaëtane Douin, Angela Kecinski, Eva-Maria Schaller
Musicians: Sebastian Förschl, Stefan Gagelmann, Jörg Hannabach, Michael Leopold
Music by Steve Reich: “Marimba Phase” (1967), “Pendulum Music” (1968),
“Drumming” (1970/71)
Costume: Johanna Katharina Leitner
Lighting design: Charlotte Marr
Public Relations: Beate Zeller

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