Food and Drinks
Gastronomy at Muffatwerk

Our food concept equates to Muffatwerk’s philosophy: we offer a varied range of high-quality products and fair prices.


Zellstraße 4, 81667 Müncen

phone: +49 (89) 45 87 50 80

Fax: +49 (89) 45 87 50 89


Opening hours
for Muffathalle, Ampere and Café

Open only on event days
– usually one hour before the event starts


Beer garden

The beer garden will be closed until March 2023


The operator of the gastronomy on the entire Muffatwerk site is
"NO JUNK!" Gastronomie GmbH
(Zellstr. 4, 81667 Munich)
Managing Director: Peter Schmeier

Beer garden
Event catering
food truck