The Muffatcafé is next to the foyer of the Muffathalle. It is a venue that allows direct contact between artists and the public and serves as a room for parties and celebrations for a manageable number of visitors. This is also the place where little known bands have their first gigs and young writers read from their works. The café is also popular for people to come for chats in the guest room where they can enjoy the comfortable leather sofas, the coffee house tables as well as its cozy, relaxed atmosphere which is created by the columns throughout the room.  Here visitors can also get a hearty snack or a drink before the concert.

Area: 150 m2
The venue can be used with or without seating.
The café usually serves as foyer for the hall.
It is particularly suitable for small spoken word events and readings, as well as clubbing and DJ events.
At weekends, it serves for club evenings with varying themes.
Catering is provided via the central bar.