The Muffatcafé you enter through the foyer of Muffathalle. It is a venue that allows direct contact between artists and the public or serving as a room for parties and celebrations with a manageable volume of visitors. Here, for example, the first appearances of unknown bands take place and young writers read from their works. The cafe is but frequented by guests in the cozy, relaxed atmosphere of the columned guest room would like to chat with his coffee house tables and comfortable leather sofas or want to fortify themselves before or after the concert at the bar with a coffee and snack.


Fläche 150 qm

Die Bespielung kann bestuhlt oder unbestuhlt erfolgen.

Das Café dient in der Regel als Foyer für die Halle.

Es eignet sich besonders für kleinere Wortveranstaltungen und Lesungen, sowie Clubbing- und DJ-Events.

Am Wochenende finden hier unter wechselnden Themen stehende Clubabende statt.

Die gastronomische Versorgung erfolgt über die zentrale Theke.

Wlan vorhanden