Owing to its striking architecture and multifunctionality, Muffatwerk is ideally suited for a variety of uses. Ever since its opening on June 2 1993, the entire area has been host to a wide range of events and accordingly to a varied bunch of audiences.

Muffathalle offers a multitude of innovative design options. To provide a set of ideas: the stage might be located at the front, parallel to both long sides or in the center of the room. Just as well the space might be utilized at ground level, thus without an assembled stage.

Geeignet ist das Muffatwerk für:

publicly available cultural events like concerts, festivals, dance performances, theater of the spoken word, musical theater, video and performance art, multimedia, readings, panel discussions, private and by invitation-only events like conventions, company celebrations, incentives, product launches, movie premieres, and fashion shows




contact for publicly available cultural events
Telefon +49 (89) 45 87 50 00
Fax +49 (89) 45 87 50 50

contact person for private events
Christian Waggershauser
Telefon +49 (89) 45 87 50 60

contact person for “food and beverage” and catering
Franziska Grillenberger<
Telefon +49 (89) 45 87 50 08