The Ampere is the smaller event venue of the Muffatwerk. Its design is characterized by the spacial tension of the preserved historical architectural elements such as the open wooden roof truss, the partially still visible brickwork and modern design elements such as the light art installations, the artistic wall design and the large-volume, shiny silver ventilation pipes traversing through the beams of the former "Brunn House". When the audience crowds around the stage at a sold-out concert and enthusiastically joins in, it can get crowded and noisy in front of the bar in the lower level of the Ampere. Those who prefer to get away from the crowds can go to the open gallery and look down on the dancing crowds or use the cosy lounge furniture to retreat. A second bar with stools and tables, located somewhat away from the hustle and bustle, also offers the opportunity for conversation and a sociable game of table football.


Area 340 m2
The venue can be used with or without seating.
The Ampere is suitable for casual company events and presentations, concerts in a club atmosphere, spoken word events and readings, as well as clubbing and DJ events.
At weekends, it serves for club evenings with varying themes.
Drinks and snacks are available at two bars on two levels.
Open only on event days - usually one hour before the event begins.
Disabled access