The picturesque charm of past times is best reflected in the Muffathalle, the largest part of the Muffatwerk building. The former turbine hall does not only impress with its vast size and imposing high ceilings it also features an open roof truss with countless spotlights, loudspeakers and other technical elements that are visibly mounted on gigantic metal trusses. The slightly curved bar stretches across the entire front where our bartenders ensure the smooth and speedy supply of drinks to the visitors. Depending on the kind of event, the atmosphere changes from a pulsating craze at sold-out concerts or parties to a quiet mood at sophisticated art and cultural performances and festive solidity when the hall is filled with chandeliers, gala seating and set tables.

Area: 642 m2
The stage can be set up with or without seating.
Variable design options for the stage scene and furnishings are possible.
Seating can be provided at ground level or on one or more stands.
The height of the stage can be adjusted, depending on the concept of the event.
Open only on event days - usually one hour before the event starts.
Catering is usually provided through the central bar in the hall, but can vary depending on the kind of event.
varies according to the type of event, but is generally provided from the central bar in the hall.

Muffatwerk is accessible barrier-free to disabled persons. Kultur barrierefrei München